Current Exhibition

Intercept 7:7
November 1st through December 28th
Reception Friday, November 2nd 2012 6:00pm to 8:00pm
520 Fremont Street  Las Vegas, NV 89101
Gallery Hours 12-6pm Tuesday through Friday

Austin Dickson

Shannon Eakins

Margot Herster

Yasmina Chavez

Lynn Lu and Samantha Sweeting

Benjamin Poynter

Heather Younger

Austin Dickson

Justin Bieber Sings John Baldessari Sings Sol Lewitt 13 minutes 4 seconds 2012

Austin Dickson is a 27 year-old artist currently residing in Las Vegas and working on his MFA at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He has shown nationally in Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, New Orleans, and Indianapolis (his hometown). He has also shown internationally in Sofia, Bulgaria and at the Toronto Urban Film Festival.

Shannon Eakins

Cetacean Transformation 2 minutes 40 seconds 2011

Shannon Eakins is an American artist recently receiving her MFA from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Her research is based in sculptural installations that explore models of fantasy, aggression, predation, hope, and super-normal stimuli. Her works have spanned experiments in object-based works, painting, video installations, inflatable sculptures, and performance.

Margot Herster

The Landscapes 2006 1 Minute 59 Seconds

Margot Herster is a New Orleans-based artist who engages archiving practices, interdisciplinary collaboration and media theory to document contemporary cultural and political phenomena. Since 2005, she has developed an ongoing, archive-based project, titled, After You’ve Been Burned by Hot Soup You Blow in Your Yogurt. Her context-specific installations have been featured at FotoFest International, Houston, TX; Columbia University, New York, NY; NYU Cantor Film Center, New York, NY; Future Places Digital Media Festival, Porto Portugal; University of California-Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA; Exit Art, New York, NY; and Moving Walls 13, New York, NY, among others. Her exhibitions feature extensive programming, such as lectures by critic David Levi Strauss on Abu Ghraib, Center for Constitutional Rights, President Michael Ratner on Guantanamo legal advocacy; discussions with scholars, military and human rights practitioners; and integration into freshman foundation curriculum at UC Santa Cruz. Currently, Herster is a Professional in Residence at Louisiana State University. At LSU, she acts as Digital Art Area Coordinator, Graduate Faculty Research Affiliate, and digitalADA Digital Art Student Organization Advisor. Among other appointments, she is a member of the School of Art Curriculum Committee, AVATAR Digital Media Minor Curriculum Group, and Service Learning Faculty. Features and reviews of Herster’s work have appeared in National Public Radio, Houston Chronicle, Harpers Magazine, Al Jazeera English, Artnet, American Photo’s State of the Art, and Glasstire, among many others. The Guantanamo Project is featured in A Foreigner Carrying in the Crook of His Arm a Tiny Bomb, one of the first surveys of post-9/11 art, published by Duke University Press. Open Society Institute, School of Visual Arts Alumni Association, Puffin Cultural Foundation, Kresge College at UCSC, and the University of Texas School of Law are supporters of Herster’s work, through grants and commissions.
Yasmina Chavez

ALL THE TIME, All the Time, already 8 minutes 4 seconds 2011

All I remember is seeing sound not hearing it when my friend played me his collaboration noise song “Cum Dumpster Diving.” I experienced a sound into sight anomaly. The event gave me a great urge to make my visions real. Originally a twenty minute song, I was given permission to edit it as I saw fit. I preserved what I thought were the most sightful parts and maintained the play order only shortening some longer repetitive minimalistic sections of the song.

Yasmina Chavez was born in Torrance, California, a first generation american. Six months after Chavez was born her mom left her dad and moved them back to Mexico. Four years later they moved back to the states to Elko, NV, where she was raised. In 2004, Chavez made the journey to Las Vegas, NV after living in a few different states and started studying varies subjects, but finally decided to focus on art. Chavez graduated from UNLV in 2010 with a BFA in photography. She primarily works in photography, video and performance. Together with three other local artist she cofounded of 5th Wall Gallery. While with 5th Wall, Chavez curated Deserting Las Vegas, a road opera by Geneva based performance group “Eternal Tour” and “China in Box” a musical art performance by the Las Vegas band China. She also co-curated shows like Sonic Trichromacy, a sound installation by Daniel Steffey, I&I an interactive installation by Luis Brennan and Tangents, a dimensional photography show by Fred Mitchell. She premiered her first short film Patty Cake at Spring Flicks 2012 in Las Vegas, NV. Most recently, she had her first solo show Stranger Bond at Counterspace Gallery and in collaboration with Brent Holmes, she performed at the 2012 London Biennale. Her notable past, includes participating in group installation for “Off The Strip” a new genres festival, was a braiding assistant to M.K. Guth at P3 studio for her Best Wishes exhibition and exhibiting her “Shut Your Mouth” video in the juried exhibition for Claes Oldenburgʼs 30th Anniversary of his Flashlight sculpture.

Lynn Lu and Samantha Sweeting

The Hearing Trumpet 4 Minutes 15 Seconds 2011

Lynn Lu is a visual artist from Singapore. She received her BFA from Carnegie Mellon University, her MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute, completed a Doctoral program at Musashino Art University in Tokyo (ABD) and earned her PhD in Fine Arts at the University of Newcastle in Australia.

Lynn exhibits, performs, and lectures extensively throughout Asia, Oceania, Europe, and the Americas. Recent venue include the Singapore Art Museum, Singapore (2012), Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), Singapore (2011), Tate Modern (2010), and 798 Art Zone, Beijing (2009).

Lynn looks at the connection between experiential knowledge and the innate human capacity for empathy, in relation to a genre performance art she calls “gutty”. This gutty form of performance relies heavily on empathy to create meaning that is not merely conceptual but also affective and visceral.

Lynn lives and works in London where she is an Associate Lecturer at Southampton Solent University.

Samantha Sweeting (born Singapore, 1982) is an interdisciplinary artist based in London. Her practice takes the form of embodied storytelling, reconstructing imagery and emotions that draw upon memory, myth, female iconography, fairytale and folklore. She uses eroticism in her work to explore the relationship between life and death drives; joy entangled with despair. Recent projects involve adult nursing, cross-species interplay and the process of falling out of love and into sleep. Whether collaborating with a lover, stranger or animal, her intimate actions initiate a shared moment of melancholy and tenderness.
Samantha graduated from London College of Communication with a First Class BA in Photography. She was awarded an AHRC scholarship to complete her Masters in Visual Performance at Dartington College of Art. After several years living with a menagerie of abandoned animals between rural England and a semi-ruined farmhouse in a forest in the French Pyrénées, she returned to London, where she currently lives and works.

Benjamin Poynter

Houses of the Holy (A Stylized Documentation) 5 minutes 28 Seconds

Benjamin Poynter’s mother played Super Mario Bros. while he was months waiting in the womb and today he is a independent game maker and digital artist. He hails from one of the arteries of America that is Oklahoma City recieving his BFA in the media arts studying at the University of Oklahoma. Just like the feeling he felt growing up in a world of nothing around him, Ben considers work that deals with augmented existence and experimental narrative as a means of escaping that path. He currently and strenously applies himself towards a Masters of Fine Arts degree at the University of Nevada Reno where he once again deals in the enigma of media art and discovered penchant for crafting video games. The most notable thing about Ben is how concealed he is in intimate settings and unchained with one of his eccentric personas if a crowd is there for the taking. Being submersed in digital entertainment since he began reading the films of Pay-Per-View screens at age two, digital media and art dictates his existence. In a world seemingly gone mad through trying to bring rationality unto itself, Ben believes being a little ‘unsure’ is just the kind of slack a place without creative space needs to truly be comfortable.


Heather Younger

Taking the Hit 1 minute 36 Seconds 2011

Artist Statement

The work reflects the patterns of a goal-oriented mind; exhibiting the highs and lows of a life based on expectation and purpose. Art exposing the frustrating uncertainty of the “bigger picture” and its relationship with the innate desire for the satisfaction achieved from hard work.


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