Intercept 6:7 October 5th through October 31st

Multiplexer is proud to present Intercept a seven part series exploring the various approaches to video as a medium in contemporary arts today.

Intercept began as a public call for art to create a panorama of genres,investigations, studies and endeavors of video artists today. The artists selected for this series span all continents and produce work with a wide variety of subjects and an even wider array of technical approaches. The Intercept Series will form the base from which the gallery expects to provide the opportunity to cultivate a discerning and critical audience of video art in Las Vegas going forward.

The context and approach varies from artist to artist but increasingly the outlook of video art continues to be dependent on how much it distinguishes itself from or is in opposition to the “broadcasted television” in its current commercialized form.

Intercept 6:7

October 5th through October 31st

Reception Friday October 5th  2012 6:00pm to 8:00pm

520 Fremont Street  Las Vegas, NV 89101

Gallery Hours 12-6pm Tuesday through Friday

Simohammed Fettaka

Ian DeLeon

Adrien Siberchicot

Irby Pace

Aaron Oldenberg

About the Artists

Simohammed Fettaka

“A Day in Tangier” 5 minutes 13 seconds 2010
Simohammed Fettaka is a young multidisciplinary artist, born in 1981. He currently lives and works in Tangier.

Simohammed studied Philosophy and Signal Processing in Morocco and later trained in filmmaking at La Femis, Paris.

He has worked for the past 5 years at the Cinematheque de Tanger (a non-profit organization) helping develop it since its creation in 2005. He founded and continues to direct the yearly film festival Cinema Nachia.

His work predominantly uses the medium of film, however it also incorporates photography and collage and extends to other art forms such as installation, sound art and performance. At the centre of his work is a reflection on the presentation of the image. This graphic personal interpretation is based on collective memory: the individual visual experience must thereby lead us to question our sense of ourselves.

Ian DeLeon

“You’re Still the Head of the Household” 5 Minutes 2011

Ian Deleon (b. 1987, Miami, Florida)

works primarily in video | performance | large scale installations.

He is interested in creating work that is both conceptual and visceral | aiming for substantial sociopolitical messages delivered with minimal ecological impact.

Appropriation, dramatic scale, pop culture, economics, and immigration feature prominently in his most recent body of work.

He received his BFA from the Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM) at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design in Boston.

Adrien Siberchicot

“ Fata Morgana” 1 minute 40 seconds

“Born in Colombes, France in 1985, lives and works in Paris.His video is a composition made with objects of his studio. It combines the spectacular of the optical illusion with a set of basic objects producing a potential horizon line, evacuating a narrative distinction between the effect produced and the means of production. This video is part of a series of work entitled Discontinuous Lines.”

Irby Pace

“Unintended Consequences”  9 minutes 45 seconds 2012

Irby Pace was born in 1982 in Odessa, Texas. In 2005 he moved to Lubbock, Texas to attended Texas Tech University where he received his BFA in Photography in 2008.

He is a recent graduate from the University of North Texas where he received his MFA in Photography.

Irby Pace is a multi-project oriented artist that works in different genres and themes. His work investigates issues of privacy and individuality in “Unintended Consequences.” Irby takes images that customers left behind in Apple computer stores and presents them to the public.

Irby also makes one of a kind art pieces by combining his father’s photographs and drawings with his own. Pace believes that this work will help him understand who his father was.

Aaron Oldenberg

“Pieces of Jonestown” 3 minutes 28 seconds 2010

Aaron Oldenburg is a game designer and new media artist whose primary interest is in game rules as an expressive medium. His video and interactive work has exhibited in festivals and galleries in New York, Berlin, São Paulo and Los Angeles, including SIGGRAPH and FILE Electronic Language International Festival. He currently works on physical computing projects, designing new interfaces and electronic sculptures.

He teaches game design as an Assistant Professor in University of Baltimore’s Simulation and Digital Entertainment program and has an MFA from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. In October 2003 he finished two years as an HIV Health Extension Agent for the Peace Corps in Mali, West Africa.

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