Intercept 5:7 August 21st through October 1st.

Multiplexer is proud to present Intercept a seven part series exploring the various approaches to video as a medium in contemporary arts today.

Intercept began as a public call for art to create a panorama of genres,investigations, studies and endeavors of video artists today. The artists selected for this series span all continents and produce work with a wide variety of subjects and an even wider array of technical approaches. The Intercept Series will form the base from which the gallery expects to provide the opportunity to cultivate a discerning and critical audience of video art in Las Vegas going forward.
The context and approach varies from artist to artist but increasingly the outlook of video art continues to be dependent on how much it distinguishes itself from or is in opposition to the “broadcasted television” in its current commercialized form.

Intercept 5:7
August31st through October 1st
Reception Friday August 31st 2012 6:00pm to 8:00pm
520 Fremont Street  Las Vegas, NV 89101
Gallery Hours 12-6pm Tuesday through Friday

Ezra Wube “Mela” 2011 1 minute 41 seconds
Danny Warner “ Aphasia V” 2012 2 minutes 20 seconds
Alysse Stepanian “Roghieh” 2009 5 minutes 30 seconds
Bridget Lynch “Feast” 2011 5 minutes
Shalo P “Driver Down” 2011 5 minutes 20 seconds

About the Artists

Ezra Wube
“Mela” 2011 1 minute 41 seconds
Ezra Wube (b. 1980, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia). Ezra moved to the United States at the age of 18 and received his BFA in painting from the Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, and an MFA from Hunter College, New York, NY. His works encompassing video, installations, drawing, painting and performance.
Danny Warner
“ Aphasia V” 2012 2 minutes 20 seconds
Dan’s motion design and experimental animation has appeared in various venues including exhibitions, screenings, film festivals and other events in the U.S. and abroad, including the Phillips Collection, Solyanka National Gallery in Moscow, WRO Media Art Biennial in Warsaw, Natural History Museum of Vienna, and Trinity College Science Gallery in Dublin. His posterworks have also been fortunate to find exhibition in the U.S. and abroad, including the 4th Block Triennial in Kiev, the Yaku International Poster Exhibition in Peru, and the International Biennial of the Socio-Political Poster in Poland. His students’ work has recently been recognized in Novum: World of Graphic Design and Creative Quarterly.

An advocate of the cross-disciplinary perspective that animates experience design processes and activities, Dan is also currently investigating the motion poster as a medium of cross-platform engagement.

Alysse Stepanian
“Roghieh” 2009 5 minutes 30 seconds
Iranian born Alysse Stepanian moved to the US shortly after the Iranian Revolution in 1979. This video is based on her early dream journal. “Roghieh” paints a surreal picture of the early stages of the Iranian Revolution, when it empowered the underprivileged, who had a significant role in the overthrow of an elitist regime. A cleaning lady’s broom becomes a weapon symbolizing a new found strength. She jumps into the revolution from the wall-less bedroom of a young girl caught in the middle of great social changes and role reversals.

Bridget Lynch
“Feast” 2011 5 minutes
As an artist, B. Lynch, has been working with the topic of folly for the last Seventeen years. Her theatrical installations of the Folly pantheon have been shown at many solo exhibitions in New England. Lynch has been combining digital and other media for several years, presenting “Tragical, Comical”… an installation with video and a site-specific labyrinth at the Grimshaw-Gudewicz Gallery in Fall River MA in 2008.  She presented a mixed media and video installation, Truth & Folly at UMass Amherst November 2004. Chain of Fools: Hogarth Reinterpreted by B. Lynch, a mixed media and video installation at University of New Hampshire. January 2006 her project Just a Pack of Cards, with the Open Studio Program was on view at the Currier Museum in Manchester NH. At the Children’s Museum her site-specific installation – Folly Roger & the Sunken Treasure is on long term loan. Other shows of note are: the Throne Project 2003, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Fool’s Progress, Eastern CT State University;The Game of Folly, The Art Complex Museum; and Plucked Fruit, Montserrat College of Art. Lynch has shown extensively in group shows including The Chicken Show at the Boston Center for the Arts; as well as shows in Germany and the Midwest.


Shalo P
“Driver Down” 2011 5 minutes 20 seconds
Shalo P is a San Francisco audio / visual artist interested in raw emotion. His works span media as diverse as drawing, video, installation, sound performance, comix and curatorial practices. Generally taking the form of vibrantly rousing celebrations of the moment, his videos play elaborate games through repetition, use of symbols and a highly thought-out approach toward the structure of video as both an extension of cinema and other visual languages, offering up dense layers of sight and sound within a conceptual framework riddled with personal motifs and born out of universal themes of hatred, love, longing and sorrow.

Shalo P was born in Cartagena, Colombia and raised in Miami.


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